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Our Criteria

Amazon PPC management involves the following steps:


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Case Study

As an Amazon online arbitrage seller, you are looking for profitable products to source and resell on the platform. Here’s an example of the product research process:

  1. Define Criteria: Determine your product criteria based on factors like sales rank, competition level, pricing trends, and customer reviews.

  2. Research Tools: Utilize Amazon research tools such as Jungle Scout, Helium 10, or Keepa to gather data and insights on potential products.

  3. Category Exploration: Explore various categories on Amazon, focusing on those that align with your criteria and have a high sales volume.

  4. Filtering and Sorting: Use advanced filters and sorting options within the research tool to narrow down the product options based on your criteria.

  5. Analyze Sales Rank: Look for products with a consistent and reasonable sales rank, indicating a steady demand and market potential.

  6. Assess Competition: Evaluate the number of sellers and their listings for the selected products. Aim for products with manageable competition levels.

  7. Review Pricing Trends: Examine the price history of the products to identify potential opportunities for buying low and selling high.

  8. Check Customer Reviews: Analyze customer feedback to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. Look for products with positive reviews and ratings.

  9. Evaluate Profit Margins: Calculate potential profit margins by considering the buying price, Amazon fees, shipping costs, and estimated selling price.

  10. Select Promising Products: Based on your research findings, shortlist the most promising products that meet your criteria and offer a good profit potential.


we provide products to our clients on daily basis


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide products on custom criteria?

Yes, We provide products on your criteria as well but please share your criteria before starting the project.

What information is included in the leads provided?

 The information provided typically includes product details such as ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), product title, sales rank, pricing history, competition analysis, estimated profit margins, and other relevant data. Some agencies may also offer additional insights and recommendations to help sellers make informed sourcing decisions.

Can I request support or guidance in analyzing the leads?

Yes, we provide additional support and guidance to help sellers analyze the leads effectively.

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